The transgender who escaped by climbing the window has a hot body and a super-positive appearance, which has caused heated discussions on the Internet.

(Picture taken from Dcard)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] In order to combat sex trafficking, the Hong Kong police raided the anti-pornography and arrested illegal prostitution groups on the 16th of this month, including a blonde young woman whose real identity is actually a Thai transgender.

Netizens also posted recent photos of her in various communities, and many people saw exclaiming "I can do this", "beautiful than a woman", "no wonder a man wants to save her", causing a wave of discussion.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the Hong Kong police conducted a raid in Tsim Sha Tsui and uncovered an illegal prostitution syndicate. A total of 17 men and 14 women were arrested, including 8 syndicate members who concealed their transgender identities to receive customers.

In the panic during the search, a blond woman in sexy pajamas escaped from the window and successfully reached the ground with the help of passers-by.

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It is reported that the woman is a transgender from Thailand, aged 30, who entered Hong Kong with a legal passport to engage in transnational sex trade, and often posted sexy photos on social platforms to attract customers.

In the end, the police arrested the woman for "violating the residence regulations" according to law.

Netizens also exposed the selfie of the transgender person in the Facebook group Bomba taste.

In this regard, netizens couldn't help calling "beautiful than a woman", "God is so righteous", "how can a woman be so embarrassed", but some netizens collapsed about her true identity.

When the Hong Kong police searched for an illegal prostitution group, a blond girl escaped from the window to the first floor.

(The picture is taken from the explosion and waste commune)