village life

is the real economy of the villagers.

Experience the real thing from being in politics for 30 years through 6 elections. How good is the country's economy?

I've never seen an economic team really go down to solve problems for the villagers.

Each team has the same face.

How many years have you been selling your dreams?

The villagers had to endure hardships.


legal inequality

being exploited by law and way of making a living

Peeraphan Salerattaviphak, the

leader of the Ruam Thai Build Chart Party.

committed to quarreling over inequality

make society equal

which emphasizes the foundation of Thai society's problems all along

especially since the launch of the party 3 Aug 65

For example, let's go back to the year 53, when she was Minister of Justice, immediately received a letter of complaint from Mrs. Renu Nianthe, a native of Surat Thani.

Asking for justice for Mr. Anusorn Nianthe, his son at that time, was 17 years old.

who was accused of manslaughter in 51 years, mother insists son is innocent

This is exactly the same as the son's testimony.

A mother tries to help her child in every way.

Finally helpless

Even the bail came out to fight the case.

The court of first instance sentenced the death penalty.

The mother suffered greatly as if she had died.

Disappointed with the work of the police

that does not rely on important evidence

to prove his son's innocence

and also being deceived by lawyers to take hundreds of thousands of money

During the request for justice, he was in the appeal of the case.

just one month

The Minister of Justice has contacted back to bring the case.

by which DSI came to inspect and relevant agencies to work together

Check all new evidence

During the collection of evidence

The Court of Appeal upheld the verdict of the Court of First Instance, namely the death penalty.

Finally, the Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit.

So helping someone doesn't mean helping just one person.

But it means helping society and community to create unity and reconciliation.

feel fair in the society in which he lives

Not including the role of advisor to the Prime Minister.

As the chairman of the committee for facilitating justice and expediting the performance of official orders

General Prayut Chan-o-cha Prime Minister

For example, to solve the problems of villagers who are entrepreneurs of fish restaurants around Huai Sap Pradu Reservoir.

Irrigation project in Nakhon Ratchasima province has been prosecuted for trespassing on food stalls around water storage areas.

until having suffered greatly

This problem must help negotiate the solution to the villagers.

That's an example of a fight over inequality.

We also have a policy to make society equal.

Arguing over what caused the villagers to lack the opportunity to live and make a living.


Both small businesses, villagers, farmers, farmers, fishermen who have the opportunity to access funds.

get help

no different from big business

Mr. Peeraphan

Tells about the current response since the launch of the Ruam Thai Build Chart Party until now.

everything goes well

See, don't fight with political parties, politicians, don't set up parties to fight with anyone.

It is a way to overcome conflicts.

moving forward to work for the people

Anything that can be unlocked can be done immediately.

Anything related to the law, whether it's farming, land, forest, fishery, agriculture, must unlock various laws.

for the life of the villagers

The villagers' economy can also move. Policy is not just a campaign.

but immediately took action

raising the draft policy

Act on Public Administration for Accuracy and Fairness

to be used as a central law for a framework governing the exercise of powers of government officials in all laws

that affect the livelihood of the villagers

Mr Peeraphan said yes.

Soon, near the campaign period, prepare to open these policies.

Confirm that no party does this.

It is the master law that determines the direction of all work.


Which law is correct?

The state cannot bring another law to prosecute the villagers.

The state and the state have to clear each other up.

“There are many real economic problems for villagers or at the grassroots level.

And it is the economy that is the real life of people.

is to make a living

to live

It's a real problem for the villagers.

It's not a GDP economy that villagers can't eat.

Often occurs only the law is not clear.

and let officials use their discretion

until it is an obstacle to the livelihood and livelihood of the villagers

eventually became the accused, such as the law on land

Forest Laws, Fisheries Laws

Often caused by conflicts of law.

of the same government department

Central law is required.

serve as a framework for interpretation and enforcement

To be in the same direction, single-ended roll type

Don't have to run to ask this agency over there.

There is no need to rush to amend these laws one by one, they will not be in time.”

I reiterate that the villagers need someone to help them solve their daily life problems.

In the past, no one has helped to unlock these problems.

When we entered, the villagers responded very well.

because in the future there will be no problems from being prosecuted without committing any wrongdoing

receive justice from the livelihood

There is a refuge when the villagers are bullied and bullied.

As for the country's development policy, it is already basic.

but must not give up solving the daily life problems of the villagers

just launched at the end of the government semester

with local politicians at the prime level

PAO in many provinces came to reinforce the army.

How are you currently facing the problem of creating a trend for people to be known?

Mr. Peeraphan

Said I did my best!!

In the party, there are national politicians.

And there are more local politicians behind the scenes than any other party.

It will follow continuously, such as Ranong Province, Phuket.

Start making the area from the southern region upwards.

now come up

Lopburi province, then continue to move.

with people to help think about helping the whole country

moving forward working alone

only how much

Even though every party announced a land slide

But I don't slide with anyone.

offer good things to the country and the people

If people give them a chance, choose me.

The 8-year case of Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Constitutional Court ruled on September 30, 65, how does it affect the Ruam Thai Build Chart Party?

Mr Peeraphan said it was not related to my party.

As I said, I do mine.

It has nothing to do with the Prime Minister.

When it's time for elections, you have to choose.

never ranted about the formula

List of MPs

Including the constitutional amendment (Constitution), I do not want to speak.

because only for the benefit of politics

people do not benefit

Why not amend the Constitution to protect the rights of villagers?

help me think

Fair constitution and the people

Not fair to politicians

Concerned about electoral law

How did MPs and political parties finish in time for the election?

And how will there be elections according to the principle? Mr. Peeraphan said that he was a bit worried.

If it doesn't pass the constitutional court, it will be a problem, until that day, you can find a solution by yourself. Don't think too much.

Today, in principle, an election is still held.

But what accident will happen or not, no one knows, so we walk normally.

Two political poles are at odds with each other.

How to overcome conflict?

Mr. Peeraphan said that the conflict that must be fought and killed is not like this.

does not conflict with political parties, politicians

I am at odds with the suffering of the villagers.

not asking to step over the suffering of the villagers

Which terminal works for villagers?

I'm at that pole

I made it clear that I would stand

"People's Terminal".

political team