This was reported by the operational command "South". 

The occupying forces continue campaigning and coercive measures within the framework of the organization of pseudo-referendums.

Having no turnout at the polling stations, they carry out yard rounds, where collaborators, accompanied by armed soldiers, call people to join the vote.

The majority of the population avoids contact with these so-called mobile polling stations and does not want to participate in the political farce.

Units of the occupying forces are trying to attract reserves and are carrying out countermeasures against the Defense Forces.

The enemy is trying to stop the advance of our troops with rocket and artillery fire supported by tactical and army aviation.

During the combat day, the enemy carried out 4 airstrikes on the positions of our troops along the contact line.

It will be recalled that Zelensky explained what to do with those mobilized by Russia from the occupied Crimea.

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