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There were about 10 illegal migrants in a bus passing through a hole in the border fence with Turkey. 

A few days ago footage was published on social networks of an absurd situation - a bus passing through a hole cut in the fence along our border, which is supposed to stop people who want to cross illegally. 

The police confirmed that such a plot took place in the summer 2 km from the village of Lesovo. 

One business traveler - stroller, two business travelers - apartment!

A bTV source involved in border protection confirmed the authenticity of the video.

About 100,000 attempts by migrants to illegally enter our country from Turkey have been prevented by the Border Police, the Ministry of the Interior told bTV. 

The statistics are from the beginning of the year. 

"The people we see are in need.

Young men.

They are barefoot, hungry.

We even sheltered a girl and a boy, then called the police.

When violators are caught at the border, the migrants return back," said Zdravko Todorov, a resident of the village of Malko Kirilovo. 

He emphasized that they are not worried about migrants.