Protests intensified in Dagestan, which the locals dubbed the Ukrainian "Maidan".

They tried to disperse the crowd of protesters with shots from machine guns.

This is reported on the Internet.

In Dagestan in the Russian Federation, people go to rallies against mobilization.

In the village of Andirey, the police opened fire in the air to calm the protesters.

The footage shows how approximately two hundred people gathered and blocked the track.

Uniformed men opened fire in the air in an attempt to disperse the protesters.

The shooting not only did not scare the protestors, but also made them angrier.

People started shouting and trying to take away the guns and the shooters.

A scuffle with the police began.

"We are not going to disperse in a few hours - we are going to make a Maidan - to pitch tents and gather all of Dagestan on this


- until they completely cancel the mobilization for the Caucasus. So far,

this dog tail Putin

will not personally announce on TV! In person! Not a step back! Let's go all over the city! We have been silent for too long, and that's why we ourselves brought the matter

to the disposal of our children by the authorities

. It's time to

put everything in its place

with the help of Allah," the Dagestanis call.

It will be recalled that the 

USA took to the sky rare planes that monitor Russian nuclear missiles.

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