It happened in the Ruz city district near Moscow.

The eldest child of the man is not yet 14 years old.

Mash Telegram channel writes about it.

The message states that a man named Mykola Mishchenko is the father of two children from his ex-wife, and three from his current wife.

They do not have the right to formally mobilize their husbands, because

deferment is guaranteed to those who have at least four children under the age of 16


And Mishchenko's oldest child is 14 years younger.   

In addition, the Russian did not do military service.

However, the local Military Commissariat ignored the instructions of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, so the man was served with a summons.

Then Mishchenko went to the administration to find out, but did not go home from there, but immediately to the assembly point.

And this

without any medical commissions


So, the husband's relatives were simply called and asked to bring the push-button phone and things to the bus that leaves for the Naro-Fomina educational program.

"The escort himself is in shock, he says: "I don't know how a person who has five children can ..." No one even asked him about anything at all.

They were simply loaded onto the bus and that was it. They

looked at their passports and that's all, more nothing," said his wife Veronika.

Now the father of many children is already in the barracks, and his wife is trying to return the breadwinner to the family.

We will remind, after the announcement of mobilization in Russia, men are prohibited from traveling abroad.

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