Spain believes that, despite


periodic statements , there are currently no signs that nuclear weapons will be used. 

This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, Jose Manuel Albarez, in an interview with La Razón.


There is currently no indication that nuclear weapons will be used.

Apart from those statements that Vladimir Putin makes from time to time and which he made in a thinly veiled way a few days ago," he said.

According to him,

it is impossible to win a nuclear war. 

"Everybody would lose, and of course that's something that should be excluded from any discussion or debate. 

Answering it very directly, it is not necessary to unnecessarily torment the Spaniards and Europeans. 

We have no indication that nuclear weapons will be used. 

And the statements I referred to, aimed at intimidation, are inappropriate here," he said 

Jose Manuel Albare.

The minister noted


Europeans and transatlantic allies have always sought dialogue and diplomacy

and call on Vladimir Putin to end violence and escalation.

In addition, he emphasized that 

Ukraine has never been a threat to Russia's territorial integrity or sovereignty. 

However, in his words, Putin is "the only one who did not want and preferred war."

"Vladimir Putin has lost this war for two reasons. The escalation he announced this week is a demonstration that the strategy he had planned has failed: He believes that perhaps increasing the military effort will lead to change, that we will all return back, but it won't be like that," he added.

The head of the Spanish Foreign Ministry emphasized that Vladimir Putin's threats will not intimidate Europe in protecting the pillars of the international order that ensure peace and stability. 


Our goal is for peace to return to Ukraine as soon as possible, and thus to Europe. 

So that the soldiers of the Russian Federation return to their borders, from which they should never have left. 

And let dialogue and diplomacy, which we Europeans and our transatlantic allies always seek, prevail over any differences that may exist.

That is why we call on Vladimir Putin to stop this unnecessary violence and this escalation that is not going anywhere," he concluded.

It will be recalled that Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President's Office, emphasized that Western countries 

should take Russia's nuclear blackmail seriously.

As reported, a day earlier it became known that the 

USA took to the sky rare planes that monitor Russian nuclear missiles.

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