The CCIC investigation confirmed that the Zhenlan Palace Jin Mazu was not made of pure gold, and the interior was made of copper; Yan Qingbiao said yesterday that the Jin Mazu was made of pure gold.

(Data photo, taken from Yan Limin's Facebook)

[Reporter Ou Sumei / Taichung Report] The Zhenlan Palace in Dajia cast the gold medals that the believers also expressed their gratitude into gold, claiming to be 276 kilograms, and carved into a statue of four.

The two-foot-tall "Golden Mazu" was placed in the Mazu Art Museum in the basement and became a treasure of the town temple. However, at the end of last year, the public reported to the Taichung District Prosecutor's Office that the "Golden Mazu" was not pure gold, and that the chairman of Zhenlan Palace, Yan Qingbiao, was involved in fraud, etc. The local prosecutor's office concluded the investigation recently and confirmed that the "Golden Mazu" was not made of pure gold, and the interior was made of bronze. However, the whole case has been prosecuted for more than ten years, so no prosecution has been filed; Yan Qingbiao said yesterday that the "Golden Mazu" was made of pure gold. , definitely stand the test.

The public questioned the whereabouts of the remaining gold

The public accused Zhenlan Palace of claiming that "Golden Mazu" was one.

200 million yuan to build, but "Golden Mazu" is not pure gold, and the gold used is less than 270 kilograms. The rest of the gold is lost, and only more than 20 million yuan is paid to the manufacturer. It is questioned that Yan Qingbiao, chairman of Zhenlan Palace, is involved in fraud Wealth, embezzlement and breach of trust.

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Third-party manufacturer: solid copper interior

After investigation by Taichung District Prosecutor's Office, Zhenlan Palace commissioned craftsman Ke Jianhua to build the "Golden Mazu", and recruited mold co-manufacturer Shi Jingwen and others for assistance. The investigation summoned Zheng Mingkun, vice chairman of Zhenlan Palace, and other investigations. Shi Jingwen confirmed that the "Golden Mazu" was inside the "Golden Mazu" Made of solid copper, it was commissioned by a friend surnamed Zhuang to make it, and then Ke Jianhua cast the golden body with gold medals donated by believers of Zhenlan Palace.

Ke Jianhua, on the other hand, confessed to the prosecutor that he was paid only more than 3 million yuan for acting as "Golden Mazu", not more than 20 million yuan.

As the detailed manufacturing date of "Golden Mazu" is uncertain, the prosecutor estimated through media reports that "Golden Mazu" was exhibited for the first time during the Lantern Festival in 2005, and the production completion date should be between 2002 and 2005. During the period of 2010, but the total expenditure of Zhenlan Palace in those years was verified, and it was not possible to prove that the expenses of "Golden Mazu" were paid under what subjects, and Zhenlan Palace did not provide relevant records or contracts such as board resolutions, so it could not be disadvantageous to the defendant. It was determined that, in addition to the crime of obtaining money by fraud, embezzlement and breach of trust, the criminal law was sentenced to five years in prison, and the prosecution period was ten years.

Yan Qingbiao: Made of pure gold by Jin Mazu

Yan Qingbiao responded yesterday that Jin Mazu was originally made of 276 kilograms of gold. Due to insufficient gold medals donated by believers at that time, the temple also spent more than 30 million yuan to buy gold to supplement it, saying that "Golden Mazu" is not pure gold is an insult. All believers, emphasizing that Jin Mazu is made of pure gold, "Can it be faked before the gods?", it will definitely stand the test.

Craftsman: Copper Mold Support Package Gold

Ke Jianhua, the craftsman who made "Golden Mazu", said that the production of senior high school students.

The two feet high "Golden Mazu" cost two tons of pure gold. Of course, they must first be cast in copper molds, then the gold medals donated by believers are smelted into gold plates and then assembled and carved. The outside world has repeatedly rumored that "Golden Mazu" is affixed with gold foil. He dared to cheat when he accepted the commission, emphasizing that all 276 kilograms of gold were used on "Golden Mazu".