President Tsai Ing-wen praised Zheng Yunpeng as the smaller Zheng Wencan, and called for affirming Zheng Wencan and voting for Zheng Yunpeng.

(Photo by reporter Xie Wuxiong)

[Reporter Xie Wuxiong/Taoyuan Report] Although the DPP Taoyuan mayor candidate Zheng Yunpeng was diagnosed with Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19), he was quarantined at home, but he still held the "Taoyuan Competition" as originally planned tonight. "Running Taoyuan - Victory Set sail" pledge meeting, President Tsai Ing-wen sent flags to all party-nominated city councillor candidates, Mayor Zheng Wencan also took over the battle flag from President Tsai in place of Zheng Yunpeng. "Frozen Garlic", the scene is quite lively

In his speech, President Cai also mentioned that Zheng Yunpeng is the smaller Zheng Wencan, the 2.0 version of Zheng Wencan. He is very industrious. He ran more than 50 parties during the Mid-Autumn Festival alone. He is really an iron man. He was diagnosed yesterday and is still online today. Continue to fight, such a serious Zheng Yunpeng, everyone cheers for him, and in the past few days of isolation, everyone should be Zheng Yunpeng's clone and help him canvass votes, especially with so many people on the scene, this momentum will make it stronger and stronger , Taoyuan must win.

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President Tsai also praised Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan's experience in Taoyuan, which is "eight years of moving, eight years of turning." Eight years ago, everyone voted for Zheng Wencan, and Zheng Wencan turned inspiration into action. The transformation and progress of Taoyuan in the past eight years are seen by all Taiwan. It can be seen that in the latest media governance evaluation, Zheng Wencan is the first in the six capitals. This year's vote will continue Zheng Wencan's five-star governance. Taoyuan can only move forward, not backward. On November 26, it must be for the people of Taoyuan. Glory, cast a crucial vote.

President Tsai also detailed the changes that Zheng Wencan has brought to Taoyuan over the past eight years. From the undergroundization of the Taoyuan Railway, the central government has subsidized 78.6 billion yuan. Now the construction has started, and because of Zheng Yunpeng's efforts in the central government, the burden on the Taoyuan city government has been reduced by 57.9 billion yuan. Yuan; In addition, in the past eight years, Taoyuan has also added several interchanges, including National Highway No. 3 Plateau Interchange, National Highway No. 1 Xiaoqian Road Interchange, and Luxing South Road Ramp.

Now, the improvement plan of Linkou Interchange is also being issued.

In addition, the "Hutoushan Innovation Park" is the first settlement in Taiwan to develop self-driving technology. Even U.S. congressmen who visit Taiwan have designated them to visit. Taoyuan's waters have been renovated very successfully. The Nankan River has more bicycle paths and trails along its banks; the Old Street River in Zhongli, after the river bank reconstruction, many people will go for a walk.

Taoyuan also has several social residences; the Hengshan Calligraphy Art Museum, the Taoyuan Municipal Library are also about to be completed, the Taoyuan Municipal Art Museum is also gradually entering the final stage, and there are also the 1895 Yiweibaotai Memorial Park in the southern district and the Taiwan Hakka Tea Culture Center. , Yongan Conch Cultural Experience Park, with so many constructions, you know how hard Zheng Wencan is.

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President Cai also mentioned that Zheng Wencan has taken care of even the furthest Fuxing District. The Sanguang Bridge has made the traffic safer for the tribe, and the highest Fuxing Baling in Taoyuan is about to have a gas station; Zheng Wencan has done everything from south to north, from mountains to sea. I will do my best to take care of every citizen, please everyone, and affirm that Zheng Wencan will also support Zheng Yunpeng, support the Taoyuan team, let the central and local governments work closely together, and let Taoyuan continue to progress and develop.