Although most of those mobilized in Russia served their military service on old military equipment, which is now being removed from storage, it will not be possible to quickly return military skills to the reservists.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov expressed this opinion.

"As a serviceman who saw how the meetings are held, I will say that if every 3-5 years a reservist was not called up and his military skills were not updated, then after 10 years the mechanic-driver will climb into the tank and not know how to start it.

He doesn't remember the procedure... A person comes from civilian life, recognizes the tank he served on, but sits down at the levers - and makes square eyes," the expert noted.

According to him, those who worked in related specialties, say, tractor drivers on tracked machinery, can remember faster.

But such - a very small percentage.

Therefore, everyone who is 40+ must undergo training from scratch. 

"Besides, after 40 years you understand what kind of health people have, it's not 20-25, when guys can run day and night, wear equipment.

Here, not everyone will climb into the hatch of a tank.

This mobilization will simply bury the armed forces of Russia," Oleg Zhdanov added.

We will remind, in a number of Russian cities on September 24, people once again took to the streets with protests against "partial" mobilization.

Security forces traditionally detain protesters.

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