Fatehabad (Haryana):

Students sitting in a school bus that was stuck on a water-logged road jumped out of the window after smoke emanated from it in Fatehabad in Haryana's Sirsa district on Saturday.

Local people also rushed to get them out.

It was later discovered that rain water had entered the engine compartment, where the heat made it out like smoke.

Smoke started coming out from under the bus passing amidst rain and water logging on Dharamshala Road, which scared the students and the people around that there was no fire.

The driver applied the brakes and people rushed to help.

It was raining since morning and in the afternoon, when the bus was taking the students back home, at around 2 pm, the Arorvansh Dharamshala road was waterlogged.

When smoke came out of the engine compartment, the driver immediately started evacuating the children.

Shopkeepers on both sides of the road also ran and within five minutes the bus was empty.

No one got hurt.

Waterlogging may continue as the weather forecast says more rains are likely in the city in the next two days.