They refer in Russia to an alleged telephone survey conducted by the Institute of Social Marketing.

In the propagandists' fictions, it is said that "the absolute majority of residents of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions, as well as the "republics" of Donbas, support joining Russia as a result of the "referendums".

This is how many "votes" were "drawn" by region:

  • Zaporizhzhia region - 84% - for, 1% - against, another 15% - abstained;

  • Kherson region - 83% - for, 1% - against, another 16% - abstained;

  • "DPR" - 94% - for, no vote - against, 6% - abstained;

  • "LNR" - 97% - for, no vote - against, 3% - abstained.

Photo from social networks

It will be recalled that US President Joe Biden said that his country will never recognize the results of "referendums" in the occupied territories of Ukraine and their annexation by Russia.

The USA also promised severe sanctions to Russia if it succeeds in annexing Ukrainian territories.

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