On Saturday, September 24, at the meeting of the UN General Assembly, talking about the pseudo-referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Serhiy Lavrov named Laos as the first of the regions during the recount of Ukrainian regions.

The minister's slander was broadcast live.

"Now the West is hysterical because of the referendums that are taking place in Laos... and in... in... Luhansk oblast," Lavrov read from the paper, stuttering.

Lavrov cynically called the pseudo-referendums taking place in the occupied regions of Ukraine a reaction to Zelensky's call to the Russians to get out of Ukraine, as if forgetting the presence of Russian soldiers under whose muzzles these illegal plebiscites are taking place.

Representatives of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, which has been a member of the UN since 1955, have not yet reacted to this passage by the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.  

We will remind, the head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, said that Russia is covering up its aggressive intentions in Ukraine with talk about "referendums", but any "documents" of the occupying power will have legal status only in the tribunal where Russian war criminals will be judged.

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