The Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation, Natural Resources and Livestock Zanzibar, Shamata Shaame, has said that preparations for the World Food Day celebration to be celebrated on Pemba Island, October 10 to 16 are 70 percent complete.

Shaame said this when he was talking to HabariLeo, about the preparations, which will cost 1.2 billion shs, funds that are provided by various agricultural stakeholders as well as banks, in order to be able to build the infrastructure of water, electricity, tents, fences and passageways.

He said that until yesterday, almost all the financial institutions on the island, together with the agricultural stakeholders, have shown their willingness to make their contributions, to ensure that the celebrations are successful.

"We are good in all areas, except for money, we still have a need.

The pieces of various crops planted have sprouted, the step reached now is to put up sheds," he said.

He said that so far 165 institutions have shown interest in participating in the celebration.