In order to congratulate China's National Day, the Hong Kong Education Bureau released the film "China Talks for Young People", but there was a bizarre picture of wearing a mask and playing a flute, which made many people quite dumbfounded.

(The picture is taken from the YouTuber of "Youth China Talk")

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The Hong Kong Education Bureau launched the film "Youth China Talk", which filmed Hong Kong students performing singing, calligraphy, martial arts and music. However, there was a bizarre picture of wearing a mask and playing the flute, which attracted many people to watch quite dumbfounded.

According to the "BBC" report, the Hong Kong Education Bureau recruited more than 400 students from 41 local schools to participate in the filming, mainly to celebrate China's National Day on October 1.

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From the video, you can hear the lines of "a young man is wise and the country is wise, a young man is rich, the country is rich, a young man is strong, the country is strong, and a young man is free, the country is free", but in the process, two girls wore masks and played the flute. Many netizens watched Was stunned.

It turns out that Hong Kong has recently implemented stricter epidemic prevention controls, such as maintaining social distance, taking public transportation, and wearing masks in certain places. Therefore, every performer in "Youth China Talk" wears a mask, even when playing a musical instrument. spared.

Social media users left comments sarcastically about this, some bluntly said that such an epidemic prevention policy would cause a lot of jokes, while others lamented that this is the degree to which Hong Kong is afraid of the Wuhan pneumonia.

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