So, more and more often, Republicans make statements that the

money allocated to Ukraine is better spent on fighting China and solving the internal problems of the United States.

This is stated in an article by The Wall Street Journal.

In the Republican statements, it sounds like politicians are looking for an excuse for foreign spending, while the United States is experiencing its own problems, such as high inflation and an economic recession.

According to the authors of the article,

such rhetoric may increase

if, as a result of the midterm elections, the Republican Party receives the majority of seats in the House of Representatives.

It is noted that both American political forces voted for aid to Ukraine after the full-scale invasion of Russia.

However, recently Steve Scalise and Elise Stefanik, who occupy the second and third places in the ranking of Republicans,

refused to publicly declare the continuation of support for Ukraine

in case of victory of their party.

"There are many members (of the party - ed.) who want to see more accountability in the Ministry of Defense and more attention to the threats that exist. China is very actively building up its navy, and our navy is now in decline," he said. Scalise.

The publication notes that by the end of September, the American Congress must pass a bill on temporary funding.

The document includes 13.7 billion dollars.

to help Ukraine.

It is predicted that the draft law will be adopted, but 

Kyiv's further requests to the US may face significant resistance


Republicans are capable of applying the majority rule, House Armed Services Committee Representative Ruben Gallego said.

This rule was used by the previous Speakers of the Chamber.

It requires the approval of the majority of party members to bring any bill to a vote.

If this rule is applied, it will become much more difficult to allocate aid to Ukraine from the US side.

We will remind, the day before NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the war is not going according to Putin's plan, and called on the members of the Alliance to strengthen their support for Ukraine.

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