During the time spent abroad, the couple, 



Serhiy Sereda

, already missed their native home.

Therefore, they were extremely happy to return to Ukraine.

On her Instagram, MamaRika shared happy shots from Kyiv.

Photo: instagram.com/mamarika_official

"Mommy, we're home! As you can see, the Christmas tree is in place, don't worry! We're extremely happy, we're home! This is the best day in our lives. Every day when we come home is the best," the singer happily announced.

Photo: instagram.com/mamarika_official

The star couple overcame a difficult path with their little son from Poland through Lviv to Kyiv. 

We will remind you that MamaRika and Serhiy Sereda went to Europe with charity concerts.

However, an unpleasant surprise awaited the couple in Poland - the whole family

fell ill with the coronavirus


Then the singer complained about feeling unwell and

European medicine


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