The plans leaked to the mass media to capture a million men of conscription age are confirmed by commissariats across the country, which hunt Russians for the war in Ukraine.

However, even this step will not help Putin to rule our land, says TSN.

To continue the minor 3-day special operation, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Russia forced the Russians to listen to a speech about the threat to the sovereignty of the federation.

Where did that threat come from, when everything was going according to plan, Putin did not explain.

Therefore, the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian armed forces in the South and East of the front is still unthinkable for the "deep people" of the Russian Federation.

And the number of losses announced to Shoigu seems meager, some 5,000 dead.

So why the mobilization and why does Putin need another 300,000 soldiers.

Where did the previous 250,000 go to Ukraine in February of this year?

According to official data, 60 thousand Russian invaders were destroyed in Ukraine.

That is, in fact, every fourth person who came to our land was killed.

And here is an important detail - these were the most combat-ready units of the second army of the world.

To this is added the loss of military equipment, the number of which is in the thousands.

And while the Ukrainian army receives newer and newer samples of modern weapons, including long-range ones, the Russians are deconserving old warehouses for recruits, scooping up equipment from the 60s and even 50s of the last century.

The only thing left in the arsenal of the Kremlin is to take not by quality, but by quantity.

This is how the manpower that the military calls "cannon fodder" goes.

To cover up the failure in Ukraine, Putin is ready to send hundreds of thousands of his own untrained citizens here.

To be more precise, the declared number of soldiers is one million reservists.

If you look closely at the Kremlin decree, the sixth point is immediately followed by the eighth.

The seventh modestly waves the mark "for official use".

It is here, as Novaya Gazeta's sources claim, that the number of demands to capture a million reservists throughout Russia is indicated.

In the Kremlin, at such an exposure, Putin's mouth - Peskov declared that it was a lie.

But even before that he declared that there would be no mobilization, and even earlier - that there would be no full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Russian senators are going to reduce the list of diseases that give the right not to die under Putin.

During the first days of mobilization, the commissariats caught hundreds of Russians and they are already moving in an unknown direction.

Some are told about training, others directly - on the battlefield.

Only then did it finally reach many people - this is not a picture on TV, where Putin and Shoigu are talking about how they exterminate the Nazis and "liberate originally Russian lands."

Ordinary Russians, who only yesterday were in favor of special operations, are now shouting "no war".

Those who are smarter and have more money storm the borders in the hope of escaping the clutches of the regime.

The letters Z also began to be eliminated.

In the coming days, or even weeks, there will be no hundreds of thousands of soldiers to reinforce the occupiers in Ukraine.

During planned conscriptions, the Russian military collects up to 140,000 conscripts and this process lasts about 5 months.

Today, the same commissariats are tasked with finding a million.

That is probably why, on the eve of the announcement of mobilization in Russia, the criminal code was rewritten, determining that evasion of the draft is 15 years in prison.

But as PMC "Wagner" has already proven with the recent Zekiv recruitment - you can't hide from Putin in prison either.

The Kremlin dwarf is still capable of Russian burial, let's hope the latter.

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