Jiang Congyuan (2nd from right), candidate for the DPP's Yilan County Mayor, participated in the "India-Taiwan Exchange - Spice Diet" activity to communicate with young people from Taiwan and other countries.

The 1st from the left and the 2nd from the left of the sofa are the speakers of the event, Zhou Dongyan, the head of Guangsheng Pharmacy, and Kavya, an Indian student.

(Photo by reporter Cai Yunrong)

[Reporter Cai Yunrong/Yilan Report] The International Exchange Center held the "India-Taiwan Exchange - Spice Food Therapy" event today. Jiang Congyuan, a candidate for the DPP's Yilan County mayor, said that with the unblocking of the border, the frequency of international exchanges has increased, and some foreigners may International students, who want to stay in Yilan to start a business and live, are faced with problems such as visas, laws and languages, etc., which are difficult. It can be consulted or referred, and at the same time, it will form a communication platform for Taiwanese and foreigners in Yilan.

In July last year, Yilan City Office planned one of the red brick houses in the "Old Staff Dormitory Group of Yilan County Government", Lane 430, Section 2, Zhongshan Road, into an international exchange house in Yilan City, and commissioned the team "When we are all in Yilan" to operate it. Provide local youth and foreign exchange space, and hold international exchange activities and various courses.

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The International Exchange Center is holding the "India-Taiwan Exchange - Spice Diet" activity today. Lin Chunyu, the head of operations, said that India is a big country of spices, and many concepts are similar to Chinese herbal medicines, but the usage is different, so Kavya, an Indian student, and Yilan Guangsheng Pharmacy were invited to bring Everyone knows common Indian spices and Chinese herbal medicines, and makes spice tea bags on the spot to take home.

Jiang Congyuan also participated and communicated with young people from Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan at the same table.

Lin Chunyu said that due to visa issues, many foreign friends in Yilan can only teach their mother tongue because of their work, and lack the opportunity to develop their talents. The team organizes activities to provide a platform for foreign friends to show their talents.

Jiang Congyuan said that there are many foreign exchange students or students studying in Yilan, and he hopes to provide a space for communication, so that everyone can get out of the circle of friends in the hometown, interact with friends in Yilan, and learn about each other's culture.

Jiang Congyuan also pointed out that some foreigners or students coming to Taiwan want to start a business in Yilan (or Taiwan), but they are unfamiliar with the place of life and do not know the legal procedures; the existing Yilan Innovation and Incubation Center focuses on assisting young entrepreneurs, and hopes to expand the scale in the future. It has become a youth base, and the International Exchange Center itself provides foreigners’ local information, and the Yilan County Service Station of the Immigration Department also moved nearby in October last year. With the cooperation of the three, we hope to provide a single consultation window for foreign entrepreneurs, so that Yilan industry and Appearance is more diverse.

Yilan City International Exchange House "India-Taiwan Exchange - Spice Therapy" activity, to introduce you to common Chinese herbal medicines and Indian spices.

(Photo by reporter Cai Yunrong)