Only in the last two days it became known that 9 military commissariats in Russia were set on fire. 

This is written by the website StopKor and InformNapalm. 

During the six months of the war, 16 military commissars caught fire in Russia, 9 of them burned in the last two days after Putin announced the mobilization. 

One institution caught fire in St. Petersburg.

The rest - on the outskirts of the Russian Federation - in the southern regions and the Far East.

"The international volunteer community InformNapalm counted the arson of military commissars in the Russian Federation from February to August 2022. There are 16 marks on the map.

Moreover, the geography repeats the current trend

. It follows from the published data that in the Russian Federation there is indeed a significant increase in protest against the mobilization that began the other day Putin: 9 fires in 2 days - and 16 fires in 6 months," the message reads. 

Photo: InformNapalm

Photo: InformNapalm

It will be recalled that the Center of the Resistance told how to set fire to the Military Commissariat of the occupiers. 

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