The occupiers decided to threaten to fire the locals in Mariupol and not pay them salaries due to ignoring the "referendum".

This was reported by Petro Andryushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol.


Yesterday evening, the occupation administration received a "nuts" for the extremely low "turnout".

Therefore, the morning began with forced voting.

"Mobile brigades" were waiting for workers at their workplaces with a simple condition - vote or lose your job and salary," he wrote.

The Russians also set up several tents in crowded places, but even here there were not enough people willing.

Another propaganda video shows a "crazy queue" of 10 people and empty ballot boxes.

Many people generally left the city for the coast.

We will remind, in the Luhansk region during the so-called "referendum" people are issued passports of the Russian Federation, and men are given summonses. 

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