Zheng Chaofang (right), a candidate for the mayor of Zhubei, Hsinchu County, of the DPP, established the campaign headquarters today. Not only many central officials went to the countryside for auxiliary elections, but also Vice President Lai Qingde (middle) was present on the platform to make waves.

(Photo by reporter Huang Meizhu)

[Reporter Huang Meizhu / Hsinchu Report] Zheng Chaofang, a candidate for the mayor of Zhubei, Hsinchu County, of the DPP, established the campaign headquarters with the blessing of Vice President Lai Qingde. He said that Lin Weizhou said he had "no experience". He believed that his experience as a Senator of the Presidential Palace, a political adviser to the Executive Yuan and a spokesman for the DPP was unmatched in Zhuxian County. Do you have experience? Do Zhubei citizens want a mayor with experience in land speculation?”

After learning about it, Lin Weizhou said that he had sued all those who slandered him for speculating the land, and he would also sue for what Zheng Chaofang said, but it depends on what Zheng Chaofang actually said.

Call on Zheng Chaofang to remember that the old case mentioned by Huang Guochang was approved according to law during the tenure of former Hsinchu County Mayor Zheng Yongjin.

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At the inaugural meeting of the HKJC, Zheng Chaofang named and bombarded Lin Weizhou with "my opponent," "this candidate," and "legislator."

Zheng Chaofang said his opponents had no experience in attacking him.

In fact, he has the experience of the Presidential Office Senator, the Executive Yuan Political Advisor, and the Party Spokesman. There is no second person in Hsinchu County. Could it be "Is the experience he (Lin Weizhou) said is the experience of land speculation? The citizens of Zhubei want land speculation. An experienced mayor?"

Zheng Chaofang said that the candidate (Lin Weizhou) also proposed the main axis of the city administrator's campaign. He (Lin Weizhou) established political opinions large and small in Zhubei. This is what he should do as a legislator. He has not done a good job for four years, so many years, and now he is embarrassed to set up these signs on the streets of Zhubei.

Zheng Chaofang said that he felt very aggrieved and satirized for the citizens of Zhubei, and called on the villagers to use their votes to support the legislator to stay in the central government to obtain funds, while he implemented it well in the local and municipal offices. This is the most important thing for Zhubei citizens. A good choice is a comprehensive victory for the citizens of Zhubei.

Lin Weizhou hit back. Zheng Chaofang's criticism was mainly aimed at the uneven roads in Zhubei, poor sidewalk management, and no toilets in the park mentioned in his creative campaign billboard. He believed that this should be what his legislator should do for four years.

Lin Weizhou asked "Mr. Chaofang" to first understand the division of labor in the local system, and the division of labor between the central government, county and city governments, and city offices.

What he mentioned on the board was the management and maintenance of the powers and responsibilities of the public office, which even the county government and the central government could not do for the public office, let alone the legislators.

As for Zheng Chaofang's further proposal of the land speculation case, Lin Weizhou emphasized that he had already filed a lawsuit.

He wanted to remind Zheng Chaofang that the case raised by Huang Guochang was approved in accordance with the law during the tenure of the former county magistrate, Zheng Yongjin. Please don't forget this and speak carefully.

Lin Weizhou said that he has sued all those who slandered him. In the future, if someone recites or quotes him, he will also file additional charges. As for what Zheng Chaofang said at the inaugural meeting of the campaign headquarters today, he will also consider suing, but he will still first. Let's see what Zheng Chaofang has to say.

Zheng Chaofang, a candidate for the mayor of Zhubei, Hsinchu County of the DPP, set up his campaign headquarters today. He publicly bombarded the Kuomintang opponent Lin Weizhou. The legislators had not made any achievements in Zhubei in four years. (Photo by reporter Huang Meizhu)