However, the statement about the lack of resources for mobilization in Chechnya is not Kadyrov's démarche.

Military and political commentator Oleksandr Kovalenko told about this in an interview with

"This is a very strange statement, because Kadyrov is actually Putin's puppet. What Putin said, Kadyrov did," the expert noted.

"We must understand

how worthless this puppet is. It is Putin who is the murderer of his father

Akhmat Kadyrov. It was with Putin's approval that the FSB eliminated Akhmat Kadyrov through its agents of influence in Chechnya. It was agreed and Ramzan Kadyrov understands this very well. For a true Chechen, if one of your relatives is killed, especially if it is a father or mother, or brother or sister, it should be revenge in general, until you yourself die. That is, we understand what it is morally and psychologically in the imagination of the mentality of Chechens Ramzan Kadyrov - how morally low a person is," Kovalenko said.

He also explained that the statement of the leader of Chechnya about the lack of mob resource is a statement of fact and nothing more.

"When he declares that there is a lack of resources, they will not participate in the mobilization,

it is not so much his démarche.

Apparently, this is still a statement of fact. It was Chechnya that was from the very beginning of the invasion of the territory of Ukraine a constant supplier of these units of TikTok bloggers. That is, Chechnya was really a supplier of this resource, and now it can no longer fulfill it, because these are completely different needs. These are needs that we can compare with the number of personnel who participated in the seven months of the war in Ukraine - this is more than 300,000 of both the Russian army and the Russian Guard, the FSB and other security forces. That is , it is

impossible to compensate for such a huge number of personnel

, "said the military-political observer.

"How will Moscow react? They will consider it, and then Ramzan Kadyrov will provide everything Moscow needs. That's all," Kovalenko predicts.

We will remind, the day before, Kadyrov said that mobilization measures will not be held in Chechnya, because the republic "over-executed the plan" by sending volunteers to the war.

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