"The Bulgarian justice system should not tolerate corruption," said the candidate for deputy from "We continue the change

Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev presented their political project "We continue the change" Daniel Laurer

Daniel Laurer graduated in Computer Science and Business Administration from Tel Aviv University.

Confirms in the transmission of Offensive in inclusion from Varna.

"Corruption has turned Bulgaria into the poorest country in the EU. That is why we will fight against corruption. Corruption steals from each of us, from our taxes, salaries, pensions and companies," he also said.

"The Bulgarian justice system should not tolerate corruption," Laurer added.

"The political forces in the next parliament must make an effort and create a stable government, and that will be a real success for me," Laurer added.

According to Laurer: Taxes should not be raised.

Collection should be increased.

Kiril Petkov challenged the GERB leader to a pre-election debate

We continue the change

Daniel Laurer