Chen Jizhong, chairman of the Agricultural Committee.

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[Reporter Yang Yuanting/Taipei Report] The Kuomintang Kaohsiung City Councilor candidate Bai Qiaoyin accused Chen Jizhong, the chairman of the Agricultural Committee, on Facebook, in the 2012 report of “Research on Direct Payment of Environmental Friendly Agricultural Operations in my country” with a cost of 1.25 million yuan for plagiarism. , The newspaper has proved that the similarity of Chen Jizhong's report is only 3% through the comparison of the thesis tools yesterday. Previously, the Committee of Agriculture inspected Zhang Shanzheng's report under the same conditions, and it showed that the repetition rate was only 3%. He even faced off with a straight ball, pointing out that this was the same as the 21 sub-reports for 3 years put forward by Zhang Shanzheng when he was the project host of the Committee of Agriculture. 5 articles with a duplication ratio of more than 45% and another one with a duplication ratio of more than 25% are different.

Bai Qiaoyin accused Chen Jizhong on Facebook of the contents of the report "Research on Direct Payment of my country's Environmentally Friendly Agricultural Management" with a cost of 1.25 million in 2012, and "The Implementation Results and Policy Analysis of National Afforestation Policy" by Professor Lin Guoqing of the Department of Agriculture and Economics of National Taiwan University in 2007 The research and the 2008 report on "Exploring the Project to Improve Farmers' Flat Land Afforestation" report highly overlapped, accusing Chen of plagiarism in the report he put forward when he was the project host of the COA.

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For the outside world's roll call, Chen Jizhong's straight-ball duel also used the comparison tool "iThenticate®" used by National Taiwan University, the National Health Institute, the National Education Institute, and most medical centers, and set the same as the original report of the Agricultural Committee's inspection of Zhang Shanzheng's plan. Condition (number of words 50 words) comparison, the repeat ratio is only 3%.

The Agricultural Committee held a press conference on the 16th. Chen Junji, the vice-chairman of the Agricultural Committee, was asked how repeated Zhang Shanzheng's plan report was when compared with thesis tools. , 6 of them are highly repetitive, 5 of the 6 articles have a repetition rate of over 45%, and 1 article has a repetition rate of over 25%.

According to the IEEE Press Guidelines cited by the National Chengchi University Library, through the paper comparison tool, it can be known that if the comparison is similar or the degree of repetition is within 3%, it means that only a few words or short sentences are similar in the whole article, and it is also Pointing out the content of such reports suggests that there is no need to specifically check the source; if the repetition rate is 25%, it is "probably more likely to use other people's words without meeting academic standards".

Regarding the part of Bai Qiaoyin that repeated the chart, Chen Jizhong said that this is the area data of the government's public afforestation results, and the chart is also a bar chart based on government data. and green beautification plan”.

Chen Jizhong's "Research on Direct Payment of Environmentally Friendly Agricultural Management in my country" project report stated that the researchers included Liao Shuyi, Liu Wanyu, Chen Pinyu, Xu Shuhan; For the "implementation results and policy analysis of the national afforestation policy", the authors are Lin Guoqing and Liu Wanyu respectively.

Chen Jizhong further pointed out that the researchers of the research team participated in the writing of the two projects at the same time, and the reports were also researched and organized by the researchers themselves, which was completely different from the direct copying and pasting of other people's reports. He has published 60 or 70 domestic and foreign journal papers, and he has always been cautious about his own journal papers.

Chen Jizhong emphasized that facing the external inspections absolutely will fully demonstrate that he will be responsible for the team's research and will not retreat to specious operations.

The report of Chen Jizhong, chairman of the Agricultural Committee, uses the thesis tool "iThenticate®" to compare the system, and set the same conditions as the previous report of Zhang Shanzheng's inspection by the Agricultural Committee, showing that the repetition rate is only 3%.

(Photo taken from Chen Jizhong's Facebook)