A survey by the Academia Sinica found that about 30 percent of residents in Taipei are exposed to outdoor noise levels that exceed the WHO's standard of 53 decibels throughout the day.

(Photo by reporter Yang Yuanting)

[Reporter Yang Yuanting/Taipei Report] Living in Taipei and seeking peace is not easy!

The team of Zhan Daqian, a researcher at the Center for Humanities and Social Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, created a 2D and 3D soundscape map of Taipei City through environmental, meteorological and other information, and found that about 30% of the residents in Taipei are living in an environment that exceeds the outdoor noise standard set by the WHO53 decibels, that is, three out of ten Taipei residents suffer from noise, and in quieter nights, 25% of the residents live in an environment of more than 45 decibels.

Academia Sinica establishes a soundscape map of Taipei City

Zhan Daqian cooperated with Lin Baicheng, Assistant Professor of the Department of Real Estate and Urban-Rural Environment, Taipei University, Chen Lingzhi, Researcher of the Institute of Information, Academia Sinica, Huang Jingxiang, Distinguished Researcher of the Institute of Statistics, and Wu Bingsheng, Associate Professor of National Taiwan Normal University. Data, urban road characteristics, socio-economic demographic data, and land use data were used to establish statistical models, and then the Taipei Soundscape Map was developed through the 3D co-construction platform provided by the State Grid Center of the National Research Institute.

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According to the EPA website, everyone has different feelings about noise. Between 50 and 70 decibels, it will cause a little discomfort; if the volume is 70 decibels for a long time, it will make people anxious and cause various symptoms.

The noise hot spots at night are in Daan and Zhongshan

From the analysis of the Taipei soundscape map, the noise hot spots in Taipei City are mainly in Daan District and Zhongshan District at night, and in part of Songshan District near the airport fairway during the day, such as Huabo Plaza near Songshan Airport. decibels or more.

Zhan Daqian said that the "soundbox" developed by the team has digital sensors that can instantly return ambient sound data. Combined with the transmission of data from the existing airbox in the community, the future soundscape map can be updated hourly. Noise exposure by region.

In addition to providing urban planning reference through the soundscape map, renters can also check (https://soundmap.colife.org.tw/noiseMap/) whether the place they want to rent is a "city that never sleeps", and then evaluate whether to rent.