The hashtag #XiJingping is trending on Twitter.

After rumours, Chinese leader Xi Jinping was detained under a new coup.

On September 24, 65, reporters reported that on social media, the hashtag #XiJingping was mentioned, especially on Twitter.

It cited rumors that Chinese leader Xi Jinping was being held under house arrest.

Under the new Chinese coup

The news that came out is worth noting.

It's not featured in the mainstream media yet.

Only the media of some countries will be available.

who reported this news out 

However, this rumor has not been confirmed by Chinese authorities.

While some Twitter users

also noted that

The news may have been fake,

however, the rumors came after two powerful ex-ministers, who were former hands of Xi Jinping, were sentenced to life in prison.

Like many high-ranking officials


Progress will be notified later.

source from twitter