Now students studying abroad have stopped being released from Ukraine.

OP adviser Oleksiy Arestovich said this on September 24 during a conversation with Russian human rights defender Mark Feigin. 

The OP adviser noted that the issue of the existence of the Ukrainian nation is now at stake. 

"As long as the students are not affected, they do not go to the army, but it may well happen that all or very many of them will go. If a million are mobilized in Russia, what kind of departure are you talking about? Do you want Ukraine to survive at all, or do you want solve your personal problems with studying at the Sorbonne or Oxford?" - said Arestovych. 

As a reminder, 

Ukraine can mobilize if necessary.

 There are 40 million people living in Ukraine, so the army can be increased by 5.5 million servicemen. 

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