Two weeks at the training ground will not help the mobilized Russians to prepare for war.

The well-known chess player, Russian oppositionist Garry Kasparov announced this on the Internet on September 24.

"It has already become clear that everyone who is not lazy is being kicked out. The military commissars are following the norm that was set for them, and it is clearly higher than 300,000 people. The Ministry of Defense made a remark for negligence, but it will not matter, because

they need to call up from a million to three million people

," the statement said.

Kasparov drew attention to the fact that "obvious alcoholics who fight before they have time to get to the training ground enter the mobilized army.

"There are videos on the Internet where they carry alcohol, fight, insult and, of course, realize that

they are just pawns

," the oppositionist said.

He also underestimated the quality of training of these mobilized Russians.

"No matter how sad it is, it is worth understanding that

all these mobilized are no more than six.

Two weeks on the training ground will not help them, especially on the Russian training ground, and all their service in the army was in the style: peel potatoes, paint grass in green and get up on command "slender", Kasparov wrote.

We will remind, the advisor of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Oleksiy Arestovych, said that the state can mobilize if necessary.

Yes, the army can be increased by 5.5 million servicemen. 

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