Most recently,

Dasha Katsurina


Volodymyr Dantes

 on his European concert tour.

The showman is currently in Ukraine, where he came from Europe together with Dasha, who now lives in Poland with her children.

And today, Dantes shared in the story of his Instagram page where he and Katsurina went, having just arrived in Kyiv.

So, Volodymyr dared to introduce Dasha to his mother Maria Oleksiivna.

In his photo blog, he posted a short video where he and Katsurina are sitting in their mother's kitchen, drinking tea and eating sweets.


In the video, Dantes jokes about the mother who does not want to show her face: "Mom, show the working side again, please."

In turn, Maria Oleksiivna approaches the balcony and poses, standing with her back to her son.


We will remind that after the divorce from Nadeya Dorofeeva, Dantes began to be credited with an affair with Dasha Katsurina - the ex-wife of Dorofeeva's current boyfriend.

Dasha and Vova did not comment on their relationship for a long time, but they did not hide that they spend time together.

Recently, Vova and Dasha confirmed their romance and

confessed their love to each other


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