Bombay High Court (file photo)

There is a suspense in the politics of Maharashtra as to who will address the crowd at Shivaji Park on the occasion of Dussehra fair.

Uddhav Thackeray or Eknath Shinde?

Now the Dussehra rally controversy in Shivaji Park has reached the Bombay High Court and the hearing is going on in the court.

Advocate SP Chinoy in Bombay High Court on behalf of Shiv Sena (Thackeray faction) said, "Shiv Sena has been organizing Dussehra rally in Shivaji Park since 1966. Dussehra Mela was not organized only during Corona period. Now after Kovid all Festivals are being celebrated.In such a situation, permission should be given to organize Dussehra Mela on behalf of Shiv Sena in this year 2022. 

Shinde faction says that Eknath Shinde is the main leader of Shiv Sena.

The claim of the Thackeray faction is based on misleading and false facts.

At the same time, the Thackeray faction has demanded permission to hold the traditional rally in Shivaji Park itself.

Milind Salve, the lawyer for Shinde faction, said, "Shivajipark is a playground and comes in the silent zone. There is a GR of the year 2016, which says that Shivaji Park is allowed for Dussehra Mela, but in the same GR it is also It has been said that if there is any law and order problem then no event can be organized there.

Milind Salve, the lawyer of Shinde faction, said, "The police have given their report in this case that if any event will be held there, they have to handle the law and order. In such a situation, now that the two factions are face to face, the police have given permission in their report. Refused to give and on the basis of the same report of the police, permission was not given to both the groups.

The lawyer for Shinde faction said, "In GR 2016, it is clearly written that which programs can be done in Shivaji Park. In this, 26 January, 15 August, Children's Day, Ambedkar death anniversary, 3 days of Ganesh festival. All these programs Can be done in the park. It is not written anywhere that Dussehra Mela is allowed in this park.

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