Most billionaires in the world live in the United States.

According to APA, "Henley & Partners" organization with its headquarters in London released information about this.

In its latest report, the organization announced the statistics of the cities where millionaires and billionaires live.

At the time of calculation, those with a wealth of more than 100 million dollars were classified as millionaires, and those with more than 1 billion dollars were classified as billionaires.

According to the list, New York City leads the number of millionaires - 737 people.

In terms of the number of billionaires, it is second only to San Francisco.

59 billionaires live permanently in the city.

San Francisco is behind only New York in the number of millionaires.

623 millionaires and 62 billionaires live here.

406 billionaires were registered in London and 393 in Los Angeles.

363 millionaires and 44 billionaires live in Beijing, the capital of Asian giant China.

This figure is 350 and 42 respectively in Shanghai.

340 millionaires live in Chicago and 336 in Singapore.

In Europe, the most millionaires live in Geneva - 345 people.

There are no billionaires here.

The last place in the top ten is occupied by the city of Houston with 314 millionaires.