Even though the world has turned to an era where technology has become more and more important to be one of the gears that help drive small and large organizations to move forward.

But it is also undeniable that the most important thing is the "personnel" of various lives working together actively.

Make the organization grow according to its vision with strength and stability.

As such, we can clearly see that sustainable organizations value the quality of life of their employees with the understanding that every

People are part of the company's most important foundation.

And that intention is reflected through giving the best to the team.

whether reasonable wages

Comprehensive welfare

Including an environment that meets both personal and work life, most recently, it is the side of "Lotus" that has succeeded in representing a Thai retail organization.

Won Asia's Grand Prize at the International Forum HR ASIA BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR IN ASIA 2022 as the best company to work for in Asia.

The HR ASIA BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR IN ASIA 2022 award is an award that aims to recognize leading organizations with outstanding talent in human resource management and development in various fields. The second reinforces the excellence in taking good care of fellow employees.

Passed the evaluation criteria in 3 aspects, covering both the matter of employee participation.

Caring for and creating the right atmosphere

Motivation and positive working attitude

and promote creative teamwork

Open to listen to the opinions of fellow employees.

All of these reflect the strong corporate culture of Lotus that aims to create happiness for all employees with compassion.

Ms. Salilla Seehaphan, Chief Sustainability Officer, Lotus Thailand

, said about the source of this success, “Lotus is committed to delivering a feel-good experience for our customers every day. Feeling good is the most important driving force in delivering good vibes to all our customers and stakeholders. Therefore, Lotus attaches great importance to creating good vibes for our fellow employees every day. through the care of fellow employees

Create a corporate culture that meets the needs of the new era of work.

Create values ​​and happiness together at work

with rewards and benefits that satisfy individual employees

and developing potential for fellow employees to grow with the organization.”

In addition to the HR ASIA BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR IN ASIA 2022 award, Lotus has also received many awards both domestically and internationally that reinforce excellence in human resource management, such as the HR EXCELLENCE AWARDS THAILAND 2022 award organized by the Institute of Human Resources. Online, Singapore, 2 awards, Gold and Silver level

, Outstanding Establishment Award

Labor Relations and Labor Welfare

from the Ministry of Labor

(Awarded for the 16th consecutive year) and the highest honor award

Outstanding establishment

Labor Relations and Labor Welfare

from the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare

(Awarded for 15 consecutive years), etc.