Kiril Domuschiev

Mr. Kiril Domuschiev was born on April 18, 1969 in the city of Sofia. Mr. Kiril Domuschiev owns, CEO and co-founder of Huevepharma and the most successful Bulgarian entrepreneur and businessman, called the world to innovation in order to ensure reliable supplies of quality and nutritious food to withstand the series of destabilizing crises.

Commenting during the 2022 meeting of President Clinton's Global Initiative, Domuschiev called on the world to meet the common challenges of global food market expansion in the face of continuous destabilizing global events.

Domuschiev called on leaders to work to secure food supplies through innovation, cooperation and long-term planning to ensure that global food needs, which are expected to double by 2050, are met.

"We need to ensure that the world thrives on healthy animals providing safe food," said Domuschiev.

“Animal protein remains an essential component of human nutrition, especially as more people enter the middle class and advanced economies.” As we develop the innovations in farm animal nutrition needed to meet growing demand, we must also invest in food alternatives, including opportunities for innovative technologies for the sustainable production of necessary nutrients, such as the production of omega-3 by microalgae, as well as other food components that can be produced by biotechnology and fermentation."

Kiril Domuschiev: We have serious concerns about the current economic development in Bulgaria and the region

Domuschiev emphasized the interrelationship between sustainable business practices and sustainable food production, giving the example of Huevepharma's investments in renewable energy sources, starting with one 25 megawatt solar power plant in 2021, which will gradually expand to 190 megawatts by 2023 Additional planned investments will increase the photovoltaic capacity to 300 MW, which is in line with Huevepharma's ambition to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

“Business, government, philanthropy and non-governmental organizations all have a role to play in helping future generations have a better chance at a good and healthy life.

We believe that safe and healthy food and a healthy environment are fundamental to achieving these goals," said Domuschiev.

Huvepharma is a fast-growing global pharmaceutical company (in terms of sales growth) with a focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing health products, nutritional supplements and components, and pharmaceutical preparations.

Huevepharma's key strengths are investments in modern fermentation production and the technical expertise and know-how built up over half a century at the company's European production sites.

Huvepharma products are sold in over 100 countries.

The company operates three modern biotechnology plants for fermentation products and vaccines in Bulgaria, production sites for finished products in France, a chemical synthesis plant in Italy, as well as six production units for vaccines and veterinary drugs in the USA.

Kiril Domuschiev