The driver, surnamed Jiang, of the United Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. was unwell, and forced to stop the car on the shoulder of the road before falling unconscious.

(reported by Zhang Xuanzhe)

[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] Good intentions are rewarded!

On the 11th, the 56-year-old Jiang surnamed driver of Tonglian Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. felt unwell while driving on the highway. He still insisted on driving the car to the shoulder of the road to protect the safety of 31 passengers. In the intensive care unit, there is good news today. Fengyuan Hospital pointed out that Jiang Nan can be transferred to the general ward in two days.

On the same day, the driver surnamed Jiang drove from Fengyuan to Taipei with a full load of passengers. Jiang Nan was in the Gaohouli section of Zhongshan not long after the departure. He first announced to the passengers that he was not feeling well, "call an ambulance". , successfully saved the lives of 31 passengers.

Jiang Nan lost his breathing and heartbeat for a time and was sent to the hospital to save his life. Netizens and passengers all gathered their energy and prayed for him.

Jiang Nan was removed from the ventilator yesterday (22nd), his condition has improved, and he can talk to his family. Fengyuan Hospital pointed out today that he can be transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward in two days.

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Jiang Nan lost his life at one point and was electrocuted three times to save one life, but he knew at that time that he would fall to the ground, tried to park the car on the shoulder of the road, and called the police before he fell unconscious.

Several passengers moved him out of the car to lie flat on the ground. Lin Yourui, a fifth-year student of the Department of Medicine of Fuzhou University, and Zheng Kailun, a doctoral student of the Department of Philosophy, took turns to help Jiang Nan with CPR. Jiang Nan received emergency treatment at Fengyuan Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Fortunately, his condition improved and went smoothly. Getting out of danger also made the passengers in the car feel relieved.