Police from Chenggong Road Police Station found poisonous coffee pods in Zhu Nan's carry-on bag.

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[Reporter Xu Lijuan / Kaohsiung Report] The police from the Chenggong Road Police Station of Lingya Sub-bureau were patrolling in the early morning of the day before yesterday (21st) when they saw a black car at the intersection of Siwei 4th Road and Renyi Street crossing the stop line illegally when they stopped at a red light. As soon as the car window was opened, a strange plastic smell that was suspected of being a drug smelt wafted out. Then, a poisoned coffee bag and cigarettes were found in the handbag of Zhu Nan (40 years old), a passenger in the back seat, and they were arrested on the spot and brought back to the police station for investigation.

The police pointed out that during the police investigation, they found that Zhu Nan, who was sitting in the back seat, had a strong smell of ketamine. However, the poisonous coffee in the bag was still discovered by the sharp-eyed police, and then they obediently handed over the 4 K cigarettes in the cigarette box. A total of 2 small packets of poisoned coffee bags and 4 K cigarettes were seized at the scene. Positive drug reaction.

After the investigation, the whole case was transferred to the Kaohsiung District Prosecutor's Office for investigation in accordance with the Drug Hazard Prevention Act.

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In addition, at 2:00 a.m. on the 21st, at the intersection of Minzu 2nd Road and Hebei 1st Road in Sanmin District, Ming police station, director of Sanmin 1 Branch, found Liu Nan (52 years old) shaking on his bicycle. He was also sent to justice in accordance with the Drug Hazard Prevention and Control Regulations.

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Zhu Nan was brought back to the police station for investigation because he was found to have drugs on his body because of the odor of K-hell.

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Officers from Changming Police Station saw that Liu Nan was shaking on his bicycle, and they stopped him and found a drug inhaler on his body.

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