How to drink for the world to remember... you have to ask a 22-year-old British guy named Nathan Klim who is aiming to break a world record.

Recorded in Guinness World Records, the young man came up with a simple idea, but had to flick the abacus in his wallet.

Allocate a budget for "Drunk Drunk", eh, "Drinking" voluminously within 24 hours.

Clip and two friends aim to break Gareth Murphy's previous record of running in 56 pubs in Cardiff, Wales in 10 hours, and under Guinness rules for "drinking". At each pub, evidence was collected, including receipts and witness signatures.

to actually drink

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Determined and within the scope of the rules, Klippe finally broke a Guinness world record for "drinking" through 67 pubs in Brighton, England, in just 17 hours.

After rejoicing that he broke the world record as he wished

Young Klim also revealed that

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Because he drank it, he had to take it out.

“The hardest part of the job is having to go to the bathroom all the time.

that wastes time,” he said.

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The stats are probably even worse!!

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