The People's Party's Gao Hongan caused a scandal of discriminating against academic qualifications. Lin Gengren, the mayoral candidate of the Kuomintang Hsinchu City, asked Gao Hongan again today, calling on Gao Hongan to respond!

(Photo by reporter Hong Meixiu)

[Reporter Hong Meixiu / Hsinchu Report] Lin Gengren, the candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu of the Kuomintang, continued to visit the grassroots today. In response to the recent discriminatory education gaffes caused by the candidate of the mayor of the People's Party, Gao Hongan, and the mayor of Taipei Ke Wenzhe described "the bullies and hooligans sexually assault girls" Therefore, Lin Gengren wants to ask Gao Hongan. From Ke Wenzhe’s speech, we can see that Ke Wenzhe has chosen not to say anything in order to win Hsinchu City as the base for 2024 in the future. Described, completely disrespectful to women, disgusting.

Lin Gengren also asked Gao Hongan, as a woman, do you agree with Ke Wenzhe's statement?

As the candidate nominated by the People's Party, do you agree with the completely genderless metaphor of the Party chairman?

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Lin Gengren also mentioned that a few days ago, the city council started to play the Hsinchu baseball stadium in advance, but the city council supervision team sent a letter to China Professional Baseball and other units but did not get a response. He said that the Hsinchu baseball stadium is still a topic of national attention, especially for fans across the country. They are very concerned about when they will be able to open again, but the Chinese Major League Baseball and Longlai Stadium Company have not yet received a reply, leaving the public unable to get an answer and causing the public to lose confidence in the safety of the baseball stadium. Only through the truth is revealed, to avoid similar accidents.