Yes, the occupier's mother reported that she learned about the death of a certain Andrii Sultanov from social networks.

The corresponding audio recording of the intercepted conversation was published by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the Internet.

"Andryukha Sultanov is the senior officer of this company. He was killed a long time ago (ed.). He was killed by a mine. The projectile just hit him. They did not find his head.

They only found his arms and legs

," says the soldier.

His mother answers him: "

Damn it. These wives are fucked up - no one goes to the regiment, damn it. They

obviously don't want their husbands to return. If everything works out with the certificate, then I won't go to the regiment. If it doesn't work out, then I'll go to the regiment anyway. They're sitting there, covering their asses, b*t. Creatures, b*t."

It will be recalled that the wife of a militant of the "LPR" spoke about the "mobilization" in Luhansk region, saying that even 15-year-old boys are being taken to join the army of the occupiers.

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