Chen Jizhong, chairman of the Agricultural Committee.

(Photo by reporter Yang Yuanting)

[Reporter Yang Yuanting/Taipei Report] The Kuomintang Taoyuan mayor candidate Zhang Shanzheng held a press conference yesterday morning to refute the plagiarism of the Agricultural Committee's plan, and said that the QR Code for production and sales records was planned by Acer, but Through historical data, this newspaper shows that the Agricultural Committee started planning the production and marketing records of agricultural products as early as 2004, and the pilot program started in 2005. As for who planned the production and marketing records, Chen Jizhong, the chairman of the Agricultural Committee, said. He also said that in 2007, more than 1,400 hectares had been cultivated across the country with production and sales records. "This is already obvious."

When Zhang Shanzheng was the vice president of Acer in the past, he served as the host of the 3-year (2007-2009) research plan of the Agricultural Committee "Agricultural Electronic Development Strategy Analysis and Planning". The overall funding was as high as 57.36 million, but he was criticized by the media for plagiarism. , the Agricultural Committee held a press conference on the 16th to explain the preliminary investigation results, which confirmed that the 23 reports reported by the media were suspicious. Among the 21 sub-reports submitted, 6 were highly overlapping, accounting for nearly 30%.

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Zhang Shanzheng said that the production and sales history was planned by Acer. This newspaper searched the contents of the past reports of the Agricultural Committee and found that the Agricultural Committee began to collect the production and sales history data in Japan and Europe in 2003, planned the production and sales history system of agricultural products in 2004, and planned in 2005. The production and marketing resume demonstration plan was implemented in the same year; the production and marketing resume plan was to mobilize cross-departmental cooperation such as the Planning Office, the Information Office, various improvement farms, the Prevention and Inspection Bureau, and the Agriculture and Food Administration.

As for Zhang Shanzheng's team, at that time, traditional mobile phones could not scan QR codes, but when the Agricultural Inspection Committee sent staff to Japan for inspection at the end of June 2005, it was obvious that traditional mobile phones could scan QR codes.

As for who did the production and sales experience, it is obvious from historical documents, but Zhang Shanzheng still insisted that it was planned by Acer. Chen Jizhong said that the implementation of all policies must be done only after everything is ready, he said. , in 2007, Taiwan had more than 1,400 hectares of crop production and sales records, and said that as long as you compare it, you can know that the data is already obvious.

Zhang Shanzheng's team claimed that they could not scan QR codes with traditional mobile phones. This newspaper obtained the information that the Agricultural Committee sent staff to Japan to inspect Japan's production and sales history system in June 2005. The photo shows that the traceability code can be searched by the computer next to the fruit and vegetable rack.

(Photo by reporter Yang Yuanting)