The Kuomintang Taoyuan mayor candidate Zhang Shanzheng said that the QR Code for production and sales history was planned during his tenure as vice president of Acer, and he was slapped by the Agriculture Committee and this newspaper successively. Zheng Yunpeng, the DPP Taoyuan mayor candidate, commented on the opponent's habit of competing for credit and blame. .

(Photo by reporter Xu Zhuoxun)

[Reporter Xu Zhuoxun/Taoyuan Report] The Kuomintang Taoyuan mayor candidate Zhang Shanzheng held a press conference yesterday, claiming that the QR Code for production and sales resumes was planned during his tenure as vice president of Acer. In June 2005, he sent staff to Japan for inspection and proved that the investigation can be done with a traditional mobile phone. In this regard, Zheng Yunpeng, a candidate for Taoyuan mayor of the DPP, criticized Zhang Shanzheng as always like to take credit and blame, and the efforts of others seemed to be worthless. Look in the eyes.

Zhang Shanzheng's campaign office questioned that the Agricultural Committee said that it had promoted the production and sales of QR Code since 2004, but at that time there were no smartphones, mobile networks were not popular, and most mobile phones did not have camera functions. Who is lying?

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However, upon verification by this newspaper, various facts have proved that Zhang Shanzheng's statement is wrong, including the law on the production and sales history of "Agricultural Products Production and Verification Management Law", which was formulated on January 5, 2007 and implemented on January 29, earlier than Zhang Shanzheng's implementation of the Agricultural Committee The planning period is from 2007 to 2009; the information system of production and sales history is maintained by Acer, but "system maintenance" is also different from "production and sales history system planning", and the two cannot be confused.

In this regard, Zheng Yunpeng said that Zhang Shanzheng always likes to take credit for himself and blame others for his faults, so he regards the progress of underground railways as a malady. ”, and the citizens saw this in their eyes.

In addition, the Zhang camp questioned, "Without a smartphone and an underdeveloped network, how to use QR Code?" Zheng Yunpeng sarcastically said that Zhang Shanzheng obviously did not understand the development of mobile phones and the Internet, nor did he have enough memory. As early as 2005, The Japanese began to use the mobile phone camera function to scan the QR Code at that time, which is enough to prove that Zhang Shanzheng's research results have been plagiarized in recent days.