Chen Jizhong, chairman of the Agricultural Committee.

(Photo by reporter Yang Yuanting)

[Reporter Yang Yuanting/Taipei Report] The Kuomintang Taoyuan mayor candidate Zhang Shanzheng held a press conference yesterday morning to refute the plagiarism of the Agriculture Committee's plan, and said that the report of the plan should not be reviewed in the form of a paper, and also said that the Agriculture Committee Don't be a thief and shout to catch a thief, and said that he has sent a letter to the Agricultural Committee, requesting that all documents be made public. Chen Jizhong, the chairman of the Agricultural Committee, said today (22) that he did not understand why Zhang Shanzheng had the saying of "doing a thief and shouting to catch a thief", and said that farmers The committee is a victim, and all relevant violations are dealt with in accordance with the law. Just as Zhang Shanzheng said before that Taiwan is a country governed by the rule of law, the Agricultural Committee will implement relevant incidents in accordance with the law.

When Zhang Shanzheng served as the vice president of Acer in the past, he served as the host of the three-year research plan of the Agricultural Committee (2007-2009) "Strategic Analysis and Planning of Agricultural Electronic Development". The overall funding amounted to 57.36 million yuan. Plagiarism; the Agricultural Committee announced the preliminary investigation results on the 16th. The comparison found that there were 21 sub-reports in 3 years. After the comparison, there were 6 highly overlapping reports. Zhang Shanzheng and Acer were asked to report in writing before the end of the month.

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At the press conference, Zhang Shanzheng was dissatisfied with the COA's use of papers to test the project report, and said that the project was to collect abstracts of domestic and foreign scientific and technological information for the COA's reference. , Zhang team lawyers said, according to the "Government Procurement Law", is to keep secret.

However, according to the preliminary investigation results announced by the Agricultural Committee on the 16th, according to Article 10, Item 2 of the contract signed by Zhang Shanzheng and the Agricultural Committee that year, it was clearly stated that the plan was not a technology-sensitive project. There is no need for the project executor to keep secrets; according to the "Specifications for the Research, Proposal and Management of Scientific and Technological Projects of the Agricultural Committee of the Executive Yuan and its affiliated agencies", the project is a scientific and technological project of the Agricultural Committee, and it is stipulated that the report should be based on scientific and technological or academic reports. Writing a journal article.

As for Zhang Shanzheng’s statement yesterday that he didn’t want political slobber, he also said that the Agricultural Committee was a thief calling to catch a thief. Chen Jizhong said in an interview with the media before attending the event today that the Agricultural Committee was the victim, and he returned to entrust the plan to execute the contract to deal with related issues in accordance with the law. He said that, just as Mr. Zhang Shanzheng emphasized before that our country is a country ruled by law, now the Agricultural Committee is implementing it according to the law.

In addition, Zhang Shanzheng yesterday requested that the relevant contracts and documents of the peasant association be made public, and said that it had already sent a document to the agricultural committee. Chen Jizhong said that so far the agricultural committee has not received any communication from Zhang Shanzheng's team. In accordance with relevant regulations, the information that can be disclosed will be made public, especially the research results of the past three years are no longer necessary to be kept confidential.