It is rumored that the Kuomintang Taoyuan mayoral candidate Zhang Shanzheng competed for the office of staff and became a multi-headed carriage. The DPP Taoyuan mayoral candidate Zheng Yunpeng said bluntly: "It is not surprising." (Photo by reporter Xu Zhuoxun)

[Reporter Xu Zhuoxun/Taoyuan Report] It is widely rumored that the Kuomintang Taoyuan mayoral candidate Zhang Shanzheng is running for office to be divided into factions, and the staff composed of various factions is almost a multi-headed carriage. Although Zhang denied it, there is still noise in the local area; The mayoral candidate Zheng Yunpeng asserted that "it is not surprising" that the Kuomintang has a culture of distributing interests, but he has no interest and just wants to focus on municipalities and citizens.

"It's not surprising!" Zheng Yunpeng said in an interview that this chaos can be observed from the composition of Zhang Shanzheng's team. There are local forces, party leaders and Zhang Shanzheng's former personal staff. It is obvious that there are many people talking and complicated. It has the habit of distributing benefits, which is different from the Democratic Progressive Party, which is united as a candidate.

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Zheng Yunpeng bluntly said, "I'm not interested." Regardless of the power struggle or job distribution within the opponent, he will only focus on the municipal government and the citizens. However, Taoyuan has suffered a lot in the past. .