The Russians took local residents

from the temporarily captured villages of Goncharivka and Kuzemivka in the

Luhansk region .

Instead, they hid military equipment in the occupied settlements.

This was announced by the head of Luhansk OVA, Serhii Gaidai.

"In the Svativ district, in order to hide the engineering equipment without witnesses, the occupiers forcibly evicted the residents of the Honcharivka and Kuzemivka settlements," the head of the OVA said.

According to him, before the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, a total of more than two thousand people lived in these villages.

However, on the eve of the cold weather, the invaders took the residents from their homes deep into the captured territory.

It is not known for sure where people are now.

Gaidai also emphasized that the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation has also announced partial mobilization in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

"I received a passport of the Republic of Belarus, please protect the "new family", - added the head of the Luhansk region.

We will remind you that the Armed Forces of Ukraine

liberated Bilogorivka in the Luhansk region. 

However, the return of the settlement to the control of Ukraine does not mean the beginning of a counteroffensive in the Luhansk region. 

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