Can cause quite a lot of excitement when "Uncle Pom", Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, acting prime minister

Show form at the meeting, the Cabinet is concerned about the depreciation of the baht now, ordering Mr. Arkhom to fill the Pittayapaisith

Minister of Finance

to urgently discuss with

Bank of Thailand

(BOT) to maintain the baht to the level of 35 baht per US dollar.

If the baht is weaker than this

Afraid that it will be like the era of Gen. Chavalit Yongchaiyudh as Prime Minister, he has to announce that the baht will float to 54 baht per 1 dollar. Ask for urgent action.

The next morning, the reporter asked Gen. Prawit to be sure because "Uncle Pom" usually answered the reporter's question "I don't know, I don't know, I don't know" in almost every question I asked.

This time, Gen. Prawit replied that he actually ordered Mr. Arkhom, the Finance Minister, to talk to the Bank of Thailand.

and departments related to finance

We cannot let the baht depreciate like this.

about currency volatility

We must try to do better.

The reporter asked how much the Thai baht had to be in order to be appropriate. Gen. Prawit replied that he would know or not.

have to let him talk first

The reporter also asked,

Was there an order to put the number at 35 baht per dollar or not? Gen. Prawit replied that I said it should.

General Prawit's Thai baht show form this time made a huge surprise for people in the financial industry.

It was expected that someone close to him would whisper to Uncle Pom to talk about this for sure.

The baht on Wednesday afternoon 21 at the time I wrote this article.

The baht weakened to 31.17-37.20 baht per dollar, the level where the baht weakened the most in almost 16 years. It was a depreciation in the global money market before the US Federal Reserve (Fed) raised interest rates. New after midnight on the 21st by all financial pundits expected

The Fed will raise interest rates another 0.75% for the third time.

This raises the US policy interest rate to 3.0–3.25% and is expected for the remaining two meetings, the Fed will raise interest rates again by 0.75% each, resulting in the end of 2022 the US policy rate will rise to 4.50–4.75. % to reduce inflation above 8%

If it still can't press inflation to come down.

Next year, the Fed will have to continue raising interest rates.

definitely higher than this

when this is

In the future, the baht will depreciate again. How deep will it depreciate?

Because the dollar strengthened from the interest rate hike.

Therefore, the baht has no way to strengthen to 35 baht per 1 dollar, as "Uncle Pom" has definitely been dreaming about.

everything depends

Government economic administration and democracy that is not Democracy Srithanonchai

This will further weaken the baht.

from the dirty politics of the country

Khun Arkhom, the Minister of Finance, may be somewhat embarrassed, but said that

about the baht

The Bank of Thailand confirmed that it has closely monitored the situation.

The Ministry of Finance cannot determine any measures.

We need to talk about whether the baht depreciates more than the fundamentals or not.

And also need to see if other currencies appreciate too quickly or not.

If the dollar strengthens faster

The baht has to depreciate quickly as well.

Will the baht depreciate or strengthen?

It is in accordance with the mechanism of the world money market.

Can't order left, turn, right, turn

Raise your hands up like a soldier or politician under Uncle Pom.

The Fed's interest rate hike

to fight inflation

As a result, the global currency depreciates, whether Europe, China, Thailand, the heaviest is Japan, the yen on Wednesday evening I am writing a column.

fall to


yen per dollar

The weakest in 25 years. If the baht will appreciate

The government has to speed up exports.

attract more foreign tourists to visit Thailand

It is not ordering to strengthen the value of the currency, it is definitely the way to “ruin” like “Uncle Jiw” era.

"The wind changes direction"