The 77 electric bus route will be replaced by Fucheng Passenger Transport on the 23rd.

(Picture provided by Nanshi Transportation Bureau)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] Tainan Bus Route 77 "changed owners" for a change. Due to the adjustment of the operation strategy of the original operator, Sifang Company, the route will be changed to Fucheng Bus from Ming (23) to take over the operation. All seats maintain the original service, and add another 8 shifts to improve the service level.

The No. 77 bus was launched in March 2016, and the route was operated by electric bus models. It is the first electric bus route in Tainan, and has carried 1.66 million passengers since its operation.

It is understood that since the main operating base of Sifang Company is in the central region, it has withdrawn from the Tainan market after adjusting its operating strategy, and the route has been taken over by the local "home" Fucheng Passenger Transport.

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In addition, this electric bus route (Nanfang Shopping Center to Anping) connects the east-west direction of the urban area. Originally, it was originally a pilot vehicle for the Tainan MRT Green Line to test and cultivate tourists.

However, the green line passes through the old city of Fucheng. There are many opinions on the route planning, and it is still in the process of compilation. The 77 route is no longer regarded as the nature of the MRT lead car.

The Bureau of Transportation said that the No. 77 bus traveled from An Pingyuan Resident Cultural Center to Nanfang Shopping Center. On the way, it passed through Tainan Railway Station, Chihkan Tower, Chengda Hospital, Chengda Campus, Haian Business District, Shuixiangong Market, and Shuipingyuan. Stations such as the park and Yonghua Civic Center not only provide east-west connections in the urban area, but also have multiple functions such as commuting, learning and daily shopping, which are quite convenient.

The Transportation Bureau said that after changing to Fucheng Passenger Transport from tomorrow, the original route will still be maintained, and 8 more flights will be added, and the service level will be further improved.