The installation art of "Big Fish Arrives" at the Centennial Memorial Square of Nanfangao Fishing Port has become a new landmark for punch-in photos.

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[Reporter Jiang Zhixiong/Yilan Report] After the completion and unveiling of the Centennial Memorial Plaza of Nanfangao Fishing Port in Yilan County, the installation art of "Big Fish Arrives" in the shape of black tuna caused heated discussions. Some people described it as a large missile, and some tourists joked that this fish is round It must be delicious to cut into sashimi. Because it is full of topics, it attracts many tourists to make pilgrimages, and it has become a new landmark in Nanfang Australia for punching in and taking pictures.

This memorial square was funded and built by the Nanfangao Fishing Port Construction Centennial Memorial Promotion Association. The exhibition works named "Endless Life", including 3 installation art such as "Big Fish Arrives", Dongtai Shougang and Coral Stone Stele. "Big Fish Dao" is made of stainless steel, with a height of nearly 3 meters, which is not only eye-catching, but also has the highest degree of discussion.

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Residents of Nanfang Australia said that the "big fish arrived" was like a missile being hit and stuck on the ground, but why the fish turned upside down with its head down is puzzling. Breeding fish is also a source of discussion.

Chen Caifa, director-general of the Nanfangao Fishing Port Construction Centennial Memorial Promotion Association, explained that fishermen caught black tuna in the open sea, and when the fishing boats returned to the port to unload the fish, they hoisted the fish head down, and the design of the work did not violate the harmony. What kind of fish has various imaginations due to different perspectives, mainly appealing to the rich fish production in Nanfang Australia.

After the completion and unveiling of Nanfangao Fishing Port Centennial Memorial Plaza yesterday (21st), it was handed over to Suao Town Office for management. Mayor Li Mingzhe said that he was happy to see the heated discussion among netizens. Friends visit.

Nanfang'ao is one of the three major fishing ports in the country. It was established in 1921 and completed and opened in 1923. Next year will be the centenary of its opening. At present, the catch of mackerel accounts for more than 90% of the whole country. Pingtung East Port is listed as the two largest black tuna operation bases in China.

"Big Fish Arrival" attracts tourists to take pictures.

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When the Nanfangao fishing boat was unloading the black tuna, it was hoisted ashore with its head down.

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"Big Fish Arrives" has been described as a missile stuck on the ground.

(Picture provided by readers)