The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a press conference on "Participation in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Case Proposal" on the 22nd. Deputy Director of the Civil Aviation Administration Lin Junliang (from right), Civil Aviation Director Lin Guoxian, Director Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Xu Liwen, and Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ou Jiangan attended to explain the content of the case.

(Photo by reporter Luo Peide)

[Reporter Lv Yixuan/Taipei Report] The 41st ICAO Congress is scheduled to be held in Montreal, Canada from September 27th to October 7th in a mixed way of physical and video.

In 2013, Taiwan was invited by the chairman of the ICAO Council to participate in that year's conference as a "special guest" and as "Chinese Taipei".

Civil Aviation Director Lim Kwok-hsian recently sent a letter to the ICAO Council through the diplomatic departments of friendly countries, but has yet to receive a response. "I don't know what their considerations are."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today that it regrets that it has not received an invitation from ICAO so far, and will continue to work hard until the last minute, calling on ICAO to uphold professional neutrality, eliminate political factors, and face up to the need for Taiwan's pragmatic participation.

Xu Liwen, chief secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Lin Guoxian, director of civil aviation, held a joint press conference on the morning of the 22nd, reiterating the determination and appeal of the Chinese government in pushing the case, and urging ICAO to accept Taiwan as soon as possible.

Xu Liwen said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to communicate and coordinate closely with the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and strive to be invited to attend this conference.

The Civil Aviation Authority has not yet received an invitation, but the government will continue to strive for it until the last minute.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on ICAO to uphold professional neutrality, eliminate political factors, and face up to the need for Taiwan's pragmatic participation in ICAO.

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Xu Liwen emphasized that China's recent live-fire military exercises in the waters and airspace surrounding Taiwan have deliberately increased its military threat to Taiwan. China's irresponsible provocative measures have affected international air traffic and seriously endangered regional and global aviation safety. It is necessary for Taiwan to jointly maintain the safety of international aviation with the civil aviation authorities of every "aircraft information region" in the world.

Lin Guoxian pointed out that the theme of this year's conference is "Reconnecting the world", which highlights the importance of collaboration among all stakeholders in the international civil aviation community and the expectations of all sectors for post-epidemic recovery.

We exclusively manage the Taipei Flight Information Region (Taipei FIR), which is an integral part of ICAO's more than 300 flight information regions around the world. Taiwan does its best to maintain flight safety, and tries its best to comply with ICAO standards and recommended practices. Experiences that have been well done during the epidemic, as well as drone management, energy saving and carbon reduction, etc., can also provide reference exchanges.

In addition, although it is difficult to participate in the conference, the Civil Aviation Administration will organize an 8-member "ICAO Action Team" to go to Montreal to actively convey to the international community Taiwan's demands for pragmatic participation in ICAO, and hold bilateral talks with delegations from friendly countries and countries with similar ideas. Professional exchanges with other countries at the level highlight Taiwan's contribution to ICAO and global aviation safety.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also recently produced a short video "Reconnection", which highlights Taiwan's outstanding performance in various aviation fields and strives to meet the standards set by ICAO.

In the first week of the ICAO conference, my country also plans to hold a series of peripheral activities in Montreal, including holding international press conferences, professional seminars and diplomatic receptions.

The representative office in Canada will also cooperate with the proposal to promote local cultural propaganda in Montreal and actively speak to the world.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also thanked the overseas Chinese community for organizing various solidarity activities voluntarily and assisting the government to increase the attention of the international community to my case.