Taipei Mayor Ko Wenzhe has now apologised for Gao Hongan, the People's Party's mayoral candidate for Hsinchu.

(Photo by reporter Zheng Mingxiang)

[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] Taiwan Popular Party Hsinchu mayoral candidate Gao Hongan was moved to tears in an exclusive interview yesterday due to the plagiarism controversy. In this regard, the chairman of the People's Party and Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe now feels aggrieved for Gao Hongan, calling this a "bully and hooligan" Rape girls", and the girls bite in order to resist, but they are accused of biting.

Ke Wenzhe criticized that no one from all walks of life has criticized this method of operation and that the Internet has led to the trend. It is only because Gao Hongan said the wrong thing, and she is still young and will cry when she is wronged.

Gao Hongan apologized for not plagiarizing the self-cleaning thesis, but made remarks that were suspected of belittling Chung Hwa University, which caused criticism from all walks of life.

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In an interview at the Garden City Forum this morning, Ke Wenzhe said that this situation is like "a bully raping a girl", and the girl resisted biting, but was accused of biting someone; and Gao Hongan went to the United States to study for a doctorate, and now everyone starts For rumors, American universities are willing to show proof, but the media do not report it. Famous people and Internet trends are criticizing Gao Hongan for speaking wrong. After all, Gao Hongan is young and will cry when he is wronged.

Ko Wenzhe said that every election in Taiwan is never compared to political opinions, it is a war of words, regardless of whether it is Taipei or Hsinchu, and never talks about serious business. "Taiwan is like this."