According to the decree of President


, those who are in the reserve and have experience should call for war.

However, in Buryatia, summonses began to be issued en masse to men who do not fit the criteria for partial mobilization.

Oleksandra Harmazhapova, head of the Svobodnaya Buryatia Foundation, reported this, UNIAN writes.

According to her, summonses are served to parents with many children, students and men who did not serve in the army.

"In Buryatia, they are mobilizing everyone: state employees and those in business. Summonses are distributed, including teachers. Summonses are served even at workplaces: one was served at the bank where he works. When he refused to accept the summons, the police involved witnesses," she said. Harmazhapova.

In her turn, Buryat journalist Yanina Nimayeva said that the summons was brought to the father of five children.

According to her, the man, who did not serve and is not in the reserve, "actively tried" to serve a summons at work.

According to the latest estimates of "Free Buryatia", at least three thousand men were mobilized in the region.

According to Garmazhapova, the organization has been receiving messages "non-stop" for the past day: "People are asking how they can avoid being sent to war."

We will remind, on September 21, during the morning address to the people, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin,

 announced partial mobilization 

throughout the country from today.

According to the statement of the Russian dictator, reserve military personnel with military specialties and combat experience will be mobilized.

Russia intends to call up 300,000 reservists,

who primarily have combat experience, Defense Minister Serhiy Shoigu said.

According to him, about 1% of the mobilization resource will be used within the mobilization.

Vn promised that students and students of higher education institutions will not be affected by the partial mobilization. 

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